Saturday, April 30, 2011

What! No Rain?

Yea!  It finally stopped raining (for today anyway).  In the last week, we have received over 11 inches of rain here in southern Indiana.  It did stop for Friday and Saturday, so we took advantage of the sunshine and headed outside!  Friday we met Daddy for lunch at our favorite park in Haubstadt!  Then, Saturday morning we headed over to Newburgh and walked around some of the downtown shops and along the river walk.  It is crazy to see how high the Ohio River is at this point...and they are calling for more rain starting tonight and through the week :(

As we were making our way back to the truck after our walk, we saw a couple tug boats and barges coming up the river.  There happened to be a nice area for Doug and I to sit and  watch, and the kiddos could run around and "watch".

Here's a slide show of some pictures I was able to get of the flooding
Until next time...

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Missy!! said...

I LOVE the sunglasses and pony tail!!

I can't believe how high the water.