Friday, April 22, 2011

Speech and the Easter Bunny

As I mentioned in a previous post, Dallas is going to speech therapy.  We learned at our first visit that he is "low-toned"; meaning he has low muscle tone in his face and mouth.  Thus explains a lot of the drooling.  The therapist didn't act like this was a "major" problem, and with some regular exercises and a little bit of teaching, we will see improvements.  I was able to capture a few pictures of Dallas at Speech Therapy; I was in the room next door watching through an observation windown, that's why they are pretty blurry.

In this picture, the therapist is having Dallas blow bubbles - working on shaping his mouth into an "o" fashion.
Dallas earned rewards (a dog bone, a carrot, a peanut, or a banana) for saying his words.  Then he was able to feed the animals!
The speech therapist's office is located in the "old" mall (Sears is about the only store besides an antique store and a home decorating store), but they still had the Easter Bunny in the court yard! 
Dallas loved climbing on the big bunny; Reba wasn't too interested.

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