Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sorry for the Lack of Blogging

I sorry for all you adoring fans out there who have been missing posts from me as of lately.  Things have been pretty busy around here, that I just haven't found the time to sit down and blog.  The kiddos are beginning to get spring fever and cabin fever - it's the worst case I ever remember seeing.  Plus, they haven't been napping well lately, so when they are down, I am trying to catch my breath, do the dishes, straighten up the apartment, and stay up to date on everyone's blog.

OK...so what have we been up to...
  • This past weekend Doug and I headed back to Iowa to do some packing before the movers come
  • Ma-maw, Pa-paw and Aunt Lisa came to Iowa as well to take a trailer load of goodies back to Indiana for us (i.e. the things the movers won't take) 
  • Gram and Pa were gracious enough to watch the kiddos here in Indiana.
  • Dallas had an ear infection last week, but it never really slowed him down.
  • The weekend of the 26th, Doug and I had a weekend away to Goshen, IN, for our friends' Justin and Kayla's wedding.  Can you believe I forgot to take my camera!?!?  You can see pictures here and here, if you wish.
  • While up in the northern part of the state, we stopped by Norte Dame University.  I did have my camera for that stop, so I will post pictures later.
  • The house selling process is moving along.  We are waiting to hear the report from the appraiser.  That is pretty much the final part of the process.  Once the house appraises at or above the selling price, the buyer's loan is secured, and all we have left to do is the abstract and title work...then sign away!
  • On the other hand, the house buying process is going well.  We have the home inspection and radon test tomorrow.  The appraisal has been done as well; again, just waiting on the report.  We will have the pest inspection and septic/well inspection done in the next week.
  • Dallas has a follow up doctor appointment this Friday for his ear infection.  Then, on Monday, we are finally meeting with the speech therapist.
  • On Tuesday, I leave for Iowa, to meet the movers.  They will be packing and loading the truck on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I hope to head back to Indiana on Saturday.
So...lots of fun and exciting times.  "I will try to do better" - something Dallas is always working on as well - about keeping you updated on our lives!

Until next time...


Gram said...

we had fun with our grandkids last week. Thanks for staying with us. We miss you Dallas and Reba.

Anonymous said...

Um, I had NO IDEA Money got married. Good for him! Beautiful bride and handsome groom! Glad you shared those pictures. In other RANDOM news -- I had a dream the other night, about our exec committee. I seriously could look around the room from one of those meetings and name off every single person. Proof that my memory isn't completely shot after 10 years!! Glad to hear your moving process is moving along...you'll make great Hoosiers...again! :) Take Care, Jean! -- Kim