Saturday, March 12, 2011

More from Dallas' Birthday

I took the kiddos to the mall to play yesterday morning.  After some time playing, Dallas wanted to go out for lunch.  Where did he choose?
The place every kid loves!
After Doug got home from work, we had supper and then we got out the cake!
Dallas picked it out himself
He loved all the candles...until they started relighting!
Overall it was a great day.  We are continuing the celebration today since Daddy doesn't have to work.  We went to the park this morning, and we are heading out to eat this evening!

Until next time...


Carla said...

Gosh! I want to be part of your family! You guys celebrate for days! I'm lucky to get a card, a cake or to go out to eat!

Anonymous said...

it sounds like some good fun and Dallas you did a good job picking out your cake.yum,yum! Just waiting now so we can all seeyou and celebrate together. Love you big guy, Gram