Wednesday, March 23, 2011

(Last Post of) Dallas' Birthday

My mom and sister sent pictures of Dallas opening his presents at his party last weekend.  I thought I would share.  I just love the excitement captured as he opens each surprise!

A new semi truck and grain hopper
A McDonald's toy set
Thomas the Train puzzle book (he also got a Lightning McQueen/Cars puzzle book)
A John Deere combine movie
Cars toys/characters...
...and a Cars "suitcase" as Dallas calls it
A Lightning McQueen umbrella
Tearing into a present...
A Claas combine
And finally, here's the big guy blowing out the candles on his cake
After cake and ice cream, Dallas wanted to put his sandbox digger together.  Please excuse his naked-ness...I'm not sure why/how he lost his clothes!
Until next time...

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Carla said...

Great pics! Matt has one of those diggers still from when he was a kid!