Monday, February 21, 2011

Another Birthday Party

One of Doug's co-workers was gracious enough to invite us to her daughter's 6th birthday party on Sunday evening. They were having the party at Pump It Up, and she thought our kids would enjoy it. She was absolutely right! I was able to take a few more pictures this go around since I had Doug helping with the kiddos. Enjoy the photos (I'm trying to combine some videos to post later...)
If you looked back at the pictures from our first trip to Pump It Up, you are not mistaken...Dallas is wearing the exact same outfit! That's what you get when the clothes selection is very limited...
Dallas and Daddy tackling the obstacle course
Dallas came a little too fast down the slide :)
They didn't have these Gladiator toys the last time we went...
Then, Dallas found the helmets and it made it even more fun to watch!
Dallas climbing the "ladder" to the slide all by himself.
After an hour of jumping and playing, we had pizza and birthday cake with everyone. Soon after getting back to the apartment, Reba crashed!
Until next time...

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Missy!! said...

That place looks so fun!!