Friday, December 3, 2010

Lots of Posts...

I just wanted to let everyone know that I believe I am caught up on m blogging.  The kiddos and I had a wonderful trip to Indiana for Reba's birthday and Thanksgiving.  We have so much to be thankful for, and we are blessed to have such wonderful families to share this time with.

As far as some random things things that have happened (i.e. no pictures to go with the stories):

Tuesday morning at 12:30-ish, Reba made her first trip to the ER.  She is fine, but does have croup.  The doctor administered a steriod shot and a couple nebulizer treatments.  After another 2 hours for observations, we were sent "home" (we were still in Evansville at the time).  Reba slept peacefully the rest of the night, and almost the entire way back to Iowa on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning was Reba's 1 year check up!  She weighed in at 20 lb 11 oz, and she is 29.25 inches.  Dr. Boelter had her hemoglobin level rechecked, and it was actually lower than at her 9-month check up; therefore, we have to go back to the hospital to have another blood draw done.  Yipp-ee.

The kiddos are excited to be home and with their own toys.  They love being able to move about freely, and I love not having to worry about disturbing the neighbors in the hotel.

We haven't had any lookers at the house in a couple weeks.  It's a little disappointing, but we keep saying our prayers that the right buyer will come soon.

I'm debating about decorating for Christmas.  I know Dallas will like having the tree, but I'm afraid Reba will be climbing it.  Also, it's just not that fun when Doug isn't here to help and be a part of it.

Well, that's all for now.  Make sure to check out all my recent posts...there are about 10 new ones (counting this one).

Until next time...


Missy!! said...

Aww.. poor Reba!! That baby has been poked more times than anyone should have to be!

As far as the tree... I think you should. I can understand not wanting to go all out.. but you gotta put up a tree! It isn't Christmas without one!

emenchho said...

I agree with Missy, a tree is a must! ha I have to say though that I love to turn off all the lights and let the Christmas tree be the only light in the's my favorite holiday!

Had fun catching up on all your stories! Looks like Miss Reba had a great birthday...that was one awesome pink tractor cake! :)

Sorry the Boilers couldn't pull out a win for your visit! Jenna and I saw 1 win and 1 loss there this year.