Monday, May 19, 2008

Pictures I knew when I put up my last blog that I would probably get in trouble for not putting pictures with the note. I was correct. Missy called me out on it. It has been hard to find time recently to download pictures from the camera, down size them and then post them. I know what you're thinking..."Excuses Rajean!" We are all busy, and I completely understand without further

Dallas helping Mommy with a post.

{The following family pictures are from Mother's Day. Doug, Dallas, and I met everyone in Peoria, IL at the Texas Roadhouse...and then went to Culver's for some ice cream. }
Grandpa Robertson and Dallas

Aunt Lisa and Dallas

Grandpa Bergman and Dallas

GG and Dallas (he was getting pretty sleepy at this point)

Grandma Robertson and Dallas (finally out!)

Grandma Bergman and Dallas

Dallas was "talking" up a storm the other day.
(I've tried to do videos but I can't seem to get
them to post...any tips?)

Ready for the Kernels game!

Dad, Dallas and Mr. Shucks
(we wanted a picture with the "real" Mr. Shucks,
but he never made his way to where we were sitting)

Dallas enjoying his very first baseball game.

What a big flirt!

We did get our garden planted this weekend - the weather was awesome! Jeremy, Laura, Mitchell, and Justin came over yesterday afternoon to help us. It took us almost three hours to plant everything! Doug rewarded the boys for their help with a ride on the Oliver. I was going to go out this morning to take a picture (Missy) of the garden, but it is raining! Also, our neighbors (Craig and Kathy) bought us a peach tree as a "house warming gift". It arrived yesterday, so we planted it as well. In a couple years we should have some peaches!!! That's about all that is news worthy around here.

Until next time...


Missy!! said...

YAY!! I'm glad me calling you out on pictures worked! YAY ME! :) He is getting so big! Cutie pie too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Rajean - I love that last picture of Dallas! What a smile!!