Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Computer is Back!

Yes...we finally have our computer fixed! The hard drive crashed, and the Geek Squad was unable to save any of the information. That means we lost all the pictures, songs, and files we had saved. I guess this will teach us to back up our system every now and then!

Anywho...what you all have been waiting for...pictures of Dallas. I have published five (yes, 5) different posts containing pictures. I even posted them so that the oldest are the first ones you will see, and the newest are the last ones...this way you can see Dallas grow and change.

A short story of what we have been up to...Aunt Katie came down on Thursday evening to help me prepare for the weekend...Mom, Dad, Granny, and Lisa came to visit. Katie also helped me go grocery shopping...something I don't think I'm able to tackle on my own yet. She also went with Dallas and I to his 2 week check-up. At the check-up, Dallas weighed in at 9 lbs 5 oz and was 22 and 3/8 inches. He is definitely a growing boy!

Like I said, my family came to visit. They arrived Friday evening, and stayed until Sunday afternoon. We had a great time...and everyone got to enjoy some Dallas time!

Enjoy the pictures!

Until next time...

Grandma Connie made up this flower arrangement for me. Bob's Grandma originally purchased it for when Bob was born...then she made it up again for when Doug was born, and now Connie made it up for Dallas. It's a pretty neat tradition!
The flowers we received while in the hospital.
The one sock hat that fit Dallas's head!

The first picture we were able to capture with open eyes!
Remember me talking about the splint on Dallas's arm for the IV...this is what it looked like.
The "newborn" socks that are way too small!
The 12 months socks that semi-fit!
I just love this face!


Melissa Lakes said...

He is so adorable! And so aware for a newborn! I can't get over how much bigger he looks in his pictures now compared to his first pictures... I'll bet it's even more striking in person!

kristen said...

Dallas is too cute! From the pictures he seems to resemble Dad a bit. At least that's what I'm thinking now, I might change my mind before I get to see him in person! Which hopefully won't be too long!

Missy!! said...

I love the flower tradition! That is too cute!! :)

I wanna know how YOU are doing? Are you holding up.. recovering nicely from everything.. taking care of Doug.. well, and Dallas too!? :)

The little man looks really healthy.. everything going okay? Just worried about ya a bit :)