Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Lost is Found!

The camera charger has been found! I had actually left it at my mom and dad's house during our stay at Christmas. I can't believe that I was able to go as long as I did without having to charge the battery!

Of course, before it was found, I had bought a new charger on e-bay. Oh well, now, I have a back up!

Here are some pictures of what's been going on in Iowa...including the weekend with Doug's family.

The flowers Doug got me for Valentine's Day

The bouquet my parents sent for Valentine's Day.

Grandpa Bergman brought a present for Buckwheat!

Doug testing out Buckwheat's pedal tractor

Fred giving the tractor a try.

Aunt Josie playing with the boys!

Charlie and Fred

Don't forget to submit your guesses on Baby Buckwheat! See the previous post for details.

Until next time...


Melissa Lakes said...

Those are some beautiful flowers! For Valentine's, Chris and I decided just to buy ourselves presents. No muss, no fuss, and we both got we wanted!

Missy!! said...

So.. now that the camera is fully charged... how about a bulging belly shot?? Not too many of those left!

kristen said...

Love the flowers! It looks like Buckwheat might have a hard time getting that pedal tractor away from Dad! He is having too much fun!

Missy!! said...

Hey... I noticed that you forgot I tagged you... weirdo!! You'd better get it done before Jr. arrives!! Plus.. when you tag others.. you can tag as few or many as you like! :) Yay for you!

uncle gene said...

uncle gene,
i think it will be a girl she will be born on march 3rd
weight 7lb. 8 oz.
length 20 1/2in.

hope she will like trator!