Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Roof - Days 4 and 5 of Work

So...the roof...progress is being made, but slower than I expected. Doug and I were hoping that the project would be completed when we got back from our Thanksgiving trip, but it was not. Luckily, they did work one day and finished the west side of house, which they started before Thanksgiving. Here are some pictures...

A reminder of what it was before...

...What it looks like now!

Here's a close up...the boards are there to help the workers
keep their footing...they will be removed at a later date.

Monday, when I arrived home for lunch, they were back to work on the north and east side of the house that face the road. It was then that I learned the slats on one side have rotted and need to be replaced. (What else can they find under all those layers of shingles?) Here are some pictures of the progress made on Monday.

The before...sorry, not the best picture.

Charlie (the main roofer) and his crew at work.

Some close-ups of the bare slats.
The rotted boards are the ones at the bottom of this section.

The other side

I was disappointed that the workers were not back today...my roof is still open as you see in the pictures. We are suppose to get some rain and snow tomorrow. I hope they will be back tomorrow before it (the rain and snow) comes and get these sections covered!

On another note...yesterday afternoon I took a peak out the window to see all these pheasants in the field by the house! Where is a gun when you need it? I think there were about 15 hens and roosters in all.

Tonight when I got home from town, there were a dozen deer in the field behind the house, and 2 more in the waterway running through the field to the side. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't work out so well. Quite the nature center around here!

Until next time...

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